Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What so proudly we hailed at Twilight's last gleaming?

Calling all American Readers and Tent City Fan Camp Shit Show 2012 Goers!!!!

Do NOT forget that in the length of a packet of birth control pills, a non-leap year February, a mere 28 days IT IS ELECTION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you will be traveling around that time (I fly out on the Wednesday), so make sure you either get an absentee ballot ahead of time and send that bad boy in or that you are all registered and set to go with proper ID come election day.

Hooray for democracy and freedom to elect our government!  Exercise your right to vote, then come get drunk on Twilight Stupor for a week! :)


"How long have you been 17?"
"So, you've been around since Teddy and Taft, but you've never been allowed to vote?"
"Well, I would've voted for Hughes in 1916 if was old enough, not for Wilson."
"I couldn't even vote then, being a woman."
"But you can vote next year, when you're 18."
"My aging is not something to celebrate."
"Perhaps not, but suffrage laws and open elections are! Don't make me dazzle you to the polls."


  1. One of the few things I admire in American politics is your defined term lengths and election dates. In CAN we've had federal elections in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2011. We never know when they're dropping these suckers on us.

    1. ha! I wish we had longer terms and that our campaigning and election process was shorter and much less wasteful.

  2. Is it bad that I saw the link about voting from Facebook at was super excited to vote for something Twilight related?


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