Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Wait List, Part II

Read the next installment of pineylonesome's "The Wait List"...

"I'm Bella, by they way," Bella said.
"I know. You've been the talk of the school. The one person here who hasn't joined the wait list. They have been calling you Weirdo-G. I'm Edward, by the way," he said as he extended his hand to shake hers. 
Bella shook his hand. It was cool but not clammy, and had a very firm grip. For a gothy dude, he was quite friendly and personable. "Why do they call me Weirdo-G? What does the G stand for?" she asked.
"I'm not sure. I think someone sent out a text with a typo, and it stuck. Maybe you can tell me what it stands for?" Edward asked, laughing.

"Hmm...there are no synonyms for impatient that start with a G that I can think of. Tell me. What is the wait list? Why won't anyone here tell me?" Bella noticed that whenever she looked at him, she felt like kissing him. It was more than just a passing urge. Looking at him aroused her in a way that made her want to place her lips upon his. She had to do everything in her power to not sit on his lap, run her hands through his hair, and kiss him.
"I can't tell you now, and I can't tell you here. Later. You have a weird look on your face, by the way. You are blushing," he noted.

"I want to kiss you," Bella replied. "I feel like right now, at this moment, I want to just ignore everyone around us, especially everyone at your table who is now staring at us, and I want to kiss you. Hard and in not a subtle way. I can't believe I'm telling you this. It's like I don't have any control of my voice." Bella looked the ground in an effort to curb her lust.
Edward smirked. "Um. Wow. Thanks for your honesty, heh heh," he replied. He told her to meet him in the teacher's parking lot after school was over. She was certain she couldn't wait that long to kiss him, but when she looked back up to tell him she'd see him there, he was gone. As was everyone else at the table.

After gym class, Bella showered. She stepped out of the shower, and noticed someone had taken off with her towel. In place of the towel was a post-it. It read "Join the Wait List. Now." She looked around. No one was in the showers  She wasn't sure what to do. She could walk across the hall to the dressing room, naked, or she could call out for help. 

"Is anyone here?" she cried, somewhat tentatively. There was no response.

She covered her breasts and quickly ran across the shower room into the dressing room. When she got there, a row of her classmates was waiting for her, and they were all blocking  access to her locker. She was humiliated. She was dripping wet and naked. "I need a towel!" she begged. No one was going to help her. She realized that.

Jessica approached her. "Yes, when you join the wait list. Everyone needs to join the wait list. When you do, we'll be happy to give you your towel." Bella refused. Fortunately the door opened and the gym class instructor walked in. She calmly told everyone to get out and handed Bella a towel. "Sorry Bella," she said. "They'll all be getting a note to go to the principal's office." Bella dried off and put her clothes on. She looked at her watch. She was 15 minutes late. She hoped Edward would still be in the lot.


  1. Great job. I especially enjoyed Edward's "Heh heh". Team Seth I like your labels...economic downturn, Emo hoodie...what IS the waitlist all about?!

    1. Don't be so impatient GWI... let the girl build some suspense ;)

    2. I haven't had the time or dedication to sort through the heaps of fan fics for one I'd like to read lately. So, having it come to me is rather exciting.


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