Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Random Drawing!

Don't you wish we got to arm wrestle for a spot at the Fan Camp?  Because I've been working out super hard* to look sexy for this event, and I could put my newfound muscles to use!

SO MUCH WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*worked out as much as a I worked out for my wedding**

**which wasn't at all


  1. I've been thinking of an average person sprinting league. Like a pickup soccer game with bearded folk in the park but sprinting races instead. Average person arm wrestling would fit in nicely with that.
    I think we may need to add some Twilympics to our November to do list?

    1. I'm down with the Twilympics idea. We can have average person cliff diving, average person slo-mo strutting, average person running across a crowd of red robed humans to jump on top of shirtless Rob Pattinson. Not to mention average person rocking herself to calm in the hotel interior stairwell,


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