Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Wait List, Part V

Happy Halloween, everyone! The Wait List concludes today with a stunning finale and tantalizing post script. It will leave you wanting much more from the lovely PineyLonesome...

"Shit, Edward, shit. That's my Dad. Shit, shit, shit." Bella quickly slid off of Edward's lap.
Edward's erection instantly softened. Well, as soft as a vampire erection was able to get, which by human standards would have been considered satisfyingly hard. He straightened out his pants, then rolled down the window.
"Officer Swan, I am so sorry. Bella missed her bus and I was giving her a ride home. Bella noticed something in my eye and she was was helping me extract it," Edward calmly stated.
Charlie's eyes seemed red with anger. Actually, they just seemed red. Bright red. Edward immediately knew that Charlie had been turned. But by whom? How? When? Why? His cell phone had been buzzing while Bella had been on his lap, but he'd turned it off, not wanting to be distracted. Perhaps he should have checked it.
"Yes, I'm sure Bella was just giving you an eye wash...with her tongue. You are an awful liar, by the way. Bella, come with me. We are going home," Charlie announced.
Edward knew that Charlie was a newborn and needed blood immediately. Bella might not be safe with him. He grabbed Charlie by his arm and ran into the woods with him to find an animal to feed on. When he got to the woods, Rosalie was already there, with a freshly killed deer.
"Sorry Edward. Next time, check your fucking texts," Rosalie said as she offered the deer to Charlie. Charlie wasted no time. He sucked the deer dry, his face dripping with fresh warm blood. Rosalie hoped his new vampire blood in his system would help with his erectile dysfunction problems. She noted that Charlie looked incredibly hot as he was feeding. Hotter than Emmett, who often lapped blood like a cat at the carcass of his deer. She always found his lapping to be a complete turn-off. What kind of vampire laps instead of sucks?
After Charlie was sated with 24 ounces of deer blood, Edward and Rosalie explained the situation. How Bella was being bullied and would continued to be threatened until she signed the wait list form. They then explained the wait list. Charlie had always thought the wait list was just some local urban legend, but he'd also wondered why so many people in town had simply disappeared. He had been more inclined to suspect vampires than the mill boiler.
"Sorry, Charlie," Rosalie said. Charlie looked at her and instead of yelling, he thanked her.
"Honestly, immortality comes in handy when you are a cop. Especially the only cop in town. So thank you. I've always wanted to be immortal. But what about Bella? How will she handle this information?" Charlie asked.
"We'll take care of Bella. You'll be fine. She'll be fine. We'll all be fine, now," said Edward.
The End.

Post Script
Charlie volunteered to take all boiler room shifts at the mill, in order to save other citizens from being led to their fiery deaths. He trained Jasper and Emmett to be deputy sheriffs. Everyone was happy with their new careers.
Rosalie fell in love with Charlie for his humanitarian acts and valor. She dumped Emmett, who was relieved because he never actually loved her.
Bella fully kissed Edward later on that evening. Edward had convinced Charlie to go out for more hunts with Rosalie so he could be alone with Bella. He instructed Bella to take a shower and get warmed up, then he would have a surprise for her. When Bella exited the shower, she noticed her towel was missing. In its place was Edward with a small face cloth. He dried her off, part by part. As he dried, he kissed her, part by part. When he reached her lips, he skipped the drying and kissed her, hard, like she had hoped to be kissed by him. His restraint training failed and he broke the bathroom sink and shower tiles trying to hold back the force of his erection. Though the bathroom was destroyed, Bella was unharmed save for a few pink slap marks on her naked ass.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Wait List, Part IV

Part IV of The Wait List... whatever will PineyLonesome thrill us with today?!

"Bella, I need you to breathe in. A deep breath. Then out." Edward took both of her hands in his.
Bella did as she was instructed. She wasn't feeling well. Edward had not been joking. She could tell that what he was saying was the truth. She wondered how she could get her father to leave town. She wondered if Charlie knew the truth.
"Kiss me, Edward. I want to know what you have to say, but I'm also worried whatever it is will freak me out and then we won't kiss. Right now, I don't know anything. So kiss me, before it is too late. I don't want to be like two characters in a rom-com series, where they almost kiss in the first episode. But then someone walks in on them with horrible news, right before they kiss. The viewer then has to endure 4 fucking seasons and 3 other failed relationships for them to kiss again. Let's skip those 4 seasons and lovers, Edward, shall we?"
Bella looked so sincere and beautiful. He couldn't resist a proposition like that. Edward scooted over, towards Bella, and allowed her to straddle him. He put his hand on her face, hoping that his years of restraint training worked. He was nearly certain he could keep his cock in his pants and his fangs in his mouth. Nearly. His extensive training had prepared him to deal with attractive women (and men), but they hadn't prepared him for Bella.
He put his hands through her hair and kissed her on her cheek. Her breath was warm against his ears. "I'm going to kiss you now, Edward. On your lips," she whispered. "Are you ready for this?"
Edward nodded, and mumbled "ummmm-hmmm" under his breath. Bella ran two fingers down the side of his face, then down his neck. She kissed his chin first. Her lips were soft and hotter than he remembered human lips to be. The restraint trainer had warm lips, sensuous lips. But they were not as hot as Bella's, nor as full and moist.  He ran his hands down the length of her back, resting them on her hips. Bella smiled. She kissed him on his left cheek, then his right. She moved to the center of his face and kissed his nose. He could smell the soap on her skin. It was lavender and mint soap, and it smelled fresh. She must have showered very recently. He could also smell her flesh. It was sweet and a little spicy, and mixed with sweat and salt. He had the sudden urge to lick her, but he knew if he did that, his restraint would cease.
He noticed a whirl of red lights in the car. At first he thought he was having some sort of lust-induced seizure. Maybe his restraint had led to some sort of vampire stroke. He looked out of the window. It was Charlie. Charlie was standing outside the driver side door, holding a baton and looking very angry.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Wait List, Part III

The Wait List continues today in the third installment of the story...

Bella looked across the parking lot. It was empty. He was gone. Of course he was gone. 15 minutes is a long time to wait for someone who is not yet a friend. Damn it. If she ran, she'd at least catch the last bus home.
She adjusted her backpack and started running toward the bus lot. She got there just as the last bus had left the stop. The walk home was at least 45 minutes and it had just started to rain. Again. This time, the rain was colder, as it was part of an cold front coming down from the gulf of Alaska.  
She started walking along the side of the main road, which did not have a sidewalk. Her pants were soggy. Her shoes were muddy. Her hair, which still hadn't dried from her earlier shower, was completely soaked. Jessica drove by and rolled down her window. "I can give you a ride home, but you'll need to join the wait list," she taunted. "Fat fucking chance, Jessica!" Bella replied.  Jessica aimed her car toward the puddle near Bella, skidded her wheels, and sprayed Bella with dirty pavement water. Misery. This was misery.
Another car slowed down beside her. No doubt one of Jessica's groupies. She turned away in order to avoid more puddle dousing. "Get in," a voice called. It was a male voice. It was Edward's voice. The car pulled over to the point where the asphalt gave way to the mud.
"Sorry...I'm soaking. I'm going to ruin your seats, " Bella warned.
"I don't care about these seats. Get in now, it's not safe out there" Edward demanded.
Bella sat down. Edward put the heater on and directed the vents to her face and feet. The instant warmth felt wonderful.  She placed her hands to the vent after her face had dried and let the hot air warm her pruny, cold fingers. "Thank you. Thank you. I'll help pay for the mud cleaning," she told Edward. They were quiet for the next 10 minutes as she felt her body temperature slowly climb back to 98.6 degrees. He pulled onto her street. She didn't remember telling him where she lived, but maybe she had. She was exhausted.
"I live on the fourth house down, on the left. But do you mind driving a little further? There's a dirt road at the end of the street. Would you mind pulling off on it when you get to it?" Bella asked.
Edward nodded. They passed her house. The lights were still off, meaning her father wasn't home yet. He was probably working another late shift.
Edward pulled off to the side road and turned the car off. "You can kiss me now," he joked.
Bella unstrapped herself from her car seat. She moved to his side of the car. He looked nervous. He had been joking about her kissing him, but she was serious. She needed to kiss him. She reached over and unclicked his belt buckle.
"Listen, about the list. I need to tell you something. And it might scare you. Ready?"
Bella nodded. Guess the kiss would have to wait, she thought.
"When you sign the list, you are basically signing one of your parents up to work the boiler room at the mill. It is the most dangerous assignment. The boiler is unstable and often just blows, but someone needs to be there to constantly attend to it. The mill cannot afford another boiler. No one wants that awful job, so it is scheduled by a lottery system. If your number is picked, one of your parents has the shift. The more people on the list, the less likely the odds for one of your parents to be picked. No one has ever served more than five shifts there without being killed by that boiler. So that's why they want you to sign the list. To sign your Dad up for the lottery." 
Bella went pale. Edward took her hand.
"Jesus. That's awful," Bella replied. She started to cry. She couldn't lose her father. 
"Your Dad has avoided the list since he's the only cop in town, and he's had no one sign the list for him. People can't put themselves on the list, that's one of the strange rules. Now that you are here, people expect you to put him on the list. They are going to hound you until you sign it, Bella. The bullying will get worse. And if you don't sign it, Charlie will be forced into working the shift. No lottery option." Edward hated to be the one to tell her the horrific nature of the list, but he knew that if he didn't, no one else would.
Bella looked shocked. She actually looked like she might pass out. He had to think fast.
"There is a way to keep your Dad safe, though. It's not conventional and it is pretty extreme, but it will keep him safe," Edward stated.

"I can't lose him," replied Bella.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Wait List, Part II

Read the next installment of pineylonesome's "The Wait List"...

"I'm Bella, by they way," Bella said.
"I know. You've been the talk of the school. The one person here who hasn't joined the wait list. They have been calling you Weirdo-G. I'm Edward, by the way," he said as he extended his hand to shake hers. 
Bella shook his hand. It was cool but not clammy, and had a very firm grip. For a gothy dude, he was quite friendly and personable. "Why do they call me Weirdo-G? What does the G stand for?" she asked.
"I'm not sure. I think someone sent out a text with a typo, and it stuck. Maybe you can tell me what it stands for?" Edward asked, laughing.

"Hmm...there are no synonyms for impatient that start with a G that I can think of. Tell me. What is the wait list? Why won't anyone here tell me?" Bella noticed that whenever she looked at him, she felt like kissing him. It was more than just a passing urge. Looking at him aroused her in a way that made her want to place her lips upon his. She had to do everything in her power to not sit on his lap, run her hands through his hair, and kiss him.
"I can't tell you now, and I can't tell you here. Later. You have a weird look on your face, by the way. You are blushing," he noted.

"I want to kiss you," Bella replied. "I feel like right now, at this moment, I want to just ignore everyone around us, especially everyone at your table who is now staring at us, and I want to kiss you. Hard and in not a subtle way. I can't believe I'm telling you this. It's like I don't have any control of my voice." Bella looked the ground in an effort to curb her lust.
Edward smirked. "Um. Wow. Thanks for your honesty, heh heh," he replied. He told her to meet him in the teacher's parking lot after school was over. She was certain she couldn't wait that long to kiss him, but when she looked back up to tell him she'd see him there, he was gone. As was everyone else at the table.

After gym class, Bella showered. She stepped out of the shower, and noticed someone had taken off with her towel. In place of the towel was a post-it. It read "Join the Wait List. Now." She looked around. No one was in the showers  She wasn't sure what to do. She could walk across the hall to the dressing room, naked, or she could call out for help. 

"Is anyone here?" she cried, somewhat tentatively. There was no response.

She covered her breasts and quickly ran across the shower room into the dressing room. When she got there, a row of her classmates was waiting for her, and they were all blocking  access to her locker. She was humiliated. She was dripping wet and naked. "I need a towel!" she begged. No one was going to help her. She realized that.

Jessica approached her. "Yes, when you join the wait list. Everyone needs to join the wait list. When you do, we'll be happy to give you your towel." Bella refused. Fortunately the door opened and the gym class instructor walked in. She calmly told everyone to get out and handed Bella a towel. "Sorry Bella," she said. "They'll all be getting a note to go to the principal's office." Bella dried off and put her clothes on. She looked at her watch. She was 15 minutes late. She hoped Edward would still be in the lot.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Wait List, Part I

The next few entries leading up to Halloween will be brought to you in the form of a modern fan fiction. It's a daring combination of Twilight, Twin Peaks, and the classic 1948 Shirley Jackson story "The Lottery."

And so it begins... I give you Part I of PineyLonesome's promising fiction, just in time for Halloween. It is no coincidence that those of us who endured the wait list are now in group 6. 

The Wait List
by Pineylonesome

Bella Swan looked across the lunch room for an empty two-seat table. Preferably a table in a remote corner, where no one would notice or judge her for being alone. She had convinced herself that being alone wasn't so bad. She could finish all her biology homework and listen to her music in peace. She did not have to try to make inane conversation about fantasy football with students she had nothing in common with. Nothing was worse than a dull, sports-obsessed lunch companion. No, wait, she she was wrong about that. People who spent their entire lunch break trying to convince her to join a mysterious wait list were worse. 

Bella had moved to Hope Springs during the senior year of her high school. Everyone already had friends. Cliques were already in place. No one was interested in being her friend. There were only people interested in her joining a wait list. She made the mistake of asking what the wait list was for. No one knew, or at least they would not tell her. As soon as they caught on that she was not interested in joining the mystery wait list, they left her alone.

The adjustment to Hope Springs was difficult. She didn't mind the eternal gray and dampness as much as she minded all the creepy students at her high school. There was Jessica, who was always aggressively smiling at Bella while simultaneously upset that Bella consistently earned higher grades than she did in nearly every class. And Mike, a vacuous jock who seemed to follow her around but who always disappeared the minute Bella attempted to talk to him. There was something strange about the people in this new city. There was something unusual about Hope Springs itself. She chalked it up to the town being economically depressed. The lumber mill was the only business left, and in an effort to save money, safety corners were cut. The mill had more fatal accidents than any other mill in the United States. Most of the accidents went unreported and were undocumented; otherwise the mill would be shut down and leave the town with nothing. Maybe everyone at school was so strange because most of them only had one parent?

Bella found a seat near a table of misfits. There was one table like that in every high school. All were wearing black and staring off into space. They were not speaking to each other, but seemed content with each other's company. They reminded her of an old married couple, only they were an old married quintuple. Two thin, gothy girls and three almost conventionally attractive boys. They seemed older to her, all of them. She figured their pale, mature appearance was a result of all the cigarettes they smoked. One of the boys was looking directly at her. The one with the greasy, unkempt hair and strange patchy stubble growth. She quickly looked away and back to her chapter on cell reproduction. She turned the volume on her headphones up so she could drown out any conversation they might be having about her. She had no need to hear further comment about how weird she was for not joining the cultish wait list.

She looked down at her textbook and closed her eyes. She yearned to be back home, surrounded by normal people. She missed the predictability of the sun and being surrounded by friends who liked to talk about movies, colleges and music. She fantasized about her old boyfriend Lucas. She should have had sex with him the day she left. He wanted to, but she declined, thinking sex with him would only make her miss him more. She was wrong. Her decision only made her regret not having sex with him more. Now she would have to wait until college. God, she was horny. She thought about him kissing her neck, breathing on her chest, running his hands under the waist of her jeans. He was gorgeous. He had incredibly thick, dark hair and intense brown eyes. She bit her lip at the thought of him entering her, finally. Yup, she was a fool to leave without ever knowing that pleasure.

Suddenly she felt a presence at her table. She opened her eyes. It was the greasy mop head goth dude from the other table. He looked a lot better up close. He had gorgeous green blue eyes, skin too clear and flawless to belong to a teenager, and his stubble seemed to have disappeared. Maybe it had been a shadow? She removed her headphones.

"Penny for your thoughts?" he asked her. Who said that? Penny for your thoughts? She remembered her usually drunk Grandpa said that on occasion, but who else? Maybe it was a saying now being revived by hipsters?

"I was just napping...we finished cell division last year, so it is all old news to me," Bella replied. "If you are here to ask me to join the wait list, you can forget it. Not interested unless you can tell me what it is," she continued.

"No, I am not going to ask you to join the list. God, no. Would never wish that upon to you," he responded. He knew something. And she was going to make sure he told her.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake

I don't like cupcakes. Don't tell me to eat a cupcake. Don't tell me to keep calm and provide nothing to actually calm me. Nothing logical and rational, you know like dates or a timetable or a process for how the wait list admission will occur.


As a wise woman once said:
"I'd like to massively fuck up a project for 2 weeks straight,
then tell my boss to keep calm and eat a cupcake."

Monday, October 22, 2012

I don't want to talk about it.

Ashram Esme got REJECTED from fan camp via the random drawing.

I totally don't want to talk about it. Just letting you all know.

I'm still in this stage of grief.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Arm wrestling would've been WAY better than this crap.

You know where I want my next job to be at? Summit Entertainment.

No, not because they historically produced mediocre small budget films that mostly focused on female leads and flimsy thriller plotlines. I don't want to work on the production side. Puh-leeze, those hours? No thanks.

No, no. I want to work in promotions, marketing, and publicity. Why? Because you apparently don't ever have to do anything in your job. You can put out a hard deadline to give an answer by, and then just not meet your deadline. Added end of the year bonus for not issuing an apology via your website.

Arm wrestling for a spot at Fan Camp would've been SO MUCH FASTER and MORE EFFICIENT than this random drawing. I mean, surely it's based on a really simple algorithm that I can google:

This is totally not right, btw.

I'm totally right on this one.

4,000 chicks waiting longer than it takes to turn into a vampire = REALLY ANNOYING AND LAME

4,000 chicks arm wrestling = awesome

In other news, Donald Fehr is still being a jerk.  Here's my open letter to the players: You're NOT GETTING 57%! STOP THINKING YOU ARE. This is WHY you're locked out. Because you're NOT going to get that. Take the 50% and get all the people you're taking work away from back into their jobs. I mean, really, I'm being serious. This $1.62billion "loss" is such crap when you look at the thousands of lives you are affecting by your petulance. And I don't mean the people wanting to watch you play hockey again and buy your shit so you can get 50% of the proceeds. I mean the people selling tickets to your games, cleaning up the arenas before and afterward, cleaning the ice, running the office, filming and producing your games, broadcasting your games, flying your private jets, cleaning your private jets, selling your products, selling food at the arenas. I mean THOSE people. Those people who ARE NOT WORKING NOW BECAUSE OF YOU. I DO NOT HAVE PATIENCE FOR THIS.

/end shouty caps

Don't you kind of wish this all ended here:
"I wanna be a vampire and, like, lurve you always and 4eva."
"Are you sure? Cuz it's kind of boring and I generally always act like a
whiny husband with a cold."
"I'm totes sure."

We would've had SO MUCH MORE free time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To Camp, or Not to Camp

You know at the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1 when everyone is standing around in the kitchen waiting for Bella's heart to stop beating so they know she's completed her vampiric transition?

That is how today feels.

"Don't worry guys, I'm sure Ashram Esme gets picked in the drawing"
"How can you be so sure?"
"Because I'm not wearing an emo hoodie to cloud my
rational thought and general optimism."

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY Day! How To Make Your Own Tent City: A Step-by-Step Guide

Guest post today by Rachel B!!!! Rachel is who introduced me to Twilight back in 2008! Rachel can't make it to LA this November because she just had the cutest baby ever and the @BD2FanCamp FAQ didn't discuss how infants are considered as registrants.  So, she has given us an easy to follow DIY guide to making your own Tent City!!!!!  READ ON :D

Why Rachel can't come to BD2 Tent City.

 Listen, not everyone can really afford to go to L.A. for the premiere of BD2.  Whatever your reasons may be for not going to L.A.--money, time, children--you can still have fun getting ready for BD2 by creating your own tent city!  And let's face it, if you don't camp out for Twilight movies you are NOT a real fan.

How To Make Your Own Tent City:

Step 1: Set up your tent in front of your house.  This is best if you live in a big city in a row of houses but works just as well if you live anywhere.  Set up your lawn chair and cooler by your tent and put out a sign stating "Line Forms Here"

Step 2: Bring your TV outside with you and constantly play Twilight, NM, Eclipse and BD1 on repeat.  If your eyes need a break you can listen to the soundtracks on repeat, too! In order of course.

Step 3: Put out your cardboard cutout of Edward, Jacob and/or Kellan Lutz.  Wait, you don't have one of those?  You're lying.  You then make a little sign for your cutout saying "saving [your name]'s place in line" and put it out whenever you need to go inside to go to the bathroom.

Step 4:  When you go inside to go to the bathroom, put out a box of donuts and a little sign that says "free donuts for Twilight fans."  If When someone stops to take a donut, run outside screaming "nooooooo!  eating donuts is a violation of tent city codes!!!!!"

Step 5:  Tell anyone who comes to your door (friends, the mailman, UPS, girl scouts) that they cannot come into your tent city unless they have pre-registered with Summit.

Step 6: Stock your cooler with True Blood.  Try to hand it out to anyone who walks by and invite them to hang out with you in your tent!  Oh wait, wrong vampire book series.  Meh do it anyways!!!

Step 7: Oh! you know what else you can do with your cardboard cutouts?  Stick them in your tent and have the flap unzipped just enough so it looks like they are peeping out.  See if anyone notices.

Step 8: Follow me on twitter. (@rachel_b123)  you'll see why, oh, you'll see

Step 9:  Host a Tent City Sign Making Contest in your tent city.  Invite all your friends and hang the best signs up on your tent.

Step 10: Go watch Breaking Dawn 2 in your own city.  Without all the smelly people who have actually been camping out for a week.  Enjoy the usage of your own bathroom.  Buy popcorn AND soda at the movie because you saved hundreds on dollars not buying plane tickets out to L.A.!  Heck, buy yourself a new BD2 tshirt too!


Rachel is the brilliant mind behind the blog "You Just Can't Google Everything."  She is a terrific Twilight fan, and a lover of Vampire Diaries, True Blood and most recently, Game of Thrones.  She is Team Emmett.  She also has other interests besides sparkly vampires and sexy werewolves, but those aren't really relevant to this post.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What so proudly we hailed at Twilight's last gleaming?

Calling all American Readers and Tent City Fan Camp Shit Show 2012 Goers!!!!

Do NOT forget that in the length of a packet of birth control pills, a non-leap year February, a mere 28 days IT IS ELECTION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you will be traveling around that time (I fly out on the Wednesday), so make sure you either get an absentee ballot ahead of time and send that bad boy in or that you are all registered and set to go with proper ID come election day.

Hooray for democracy and freedom to elect our government!  Exercise your right to vote, then come get drunk on Twilight Stupor for a week! :)


"How long have you been 17?"
"So, you've been around since Teddy and Taft, but you've never been allowed to vote?"
"Well, I would've voted for Hughes in 1916 if was old enough, not for Wilson."
"I couldn't even vote then, being a woman."
"But you can vote next year, when you're 18."
"My aging is not something to celebrate."
"Perhaps not, but suffrage laws and open elections are! Don't make me dazzle you to the polls."

Monday, October 8, 2012

BooBoo Radley, I don't want your muffins

So, apparently, there's this tradition in which BooBoo Radley Stewart, PFach, and the Denali girls come by Tent City around 5am with muffins for the poor souls who are stuck there still on day 3 of sleeping on the pavement like it's public protest, waiting for this red carpet thing to finally show up. The muffins are usually blueberry. People tend to like blueberry muffins.

But I don't even like muffins!!!!!

Blueberries are a good antioxidant.

 Happy Monday! :)

I love Peter Lambert so very much!

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Letter To Gary Bettman & Donald Fehr

Dear Gary Bettman & Donald Fehr, the NHL, and the NHLPA:

You can't hurt each other without hurting me!

(Ahem) Please end the lockout... NOW!  There are many reasons I would like this to happen, one includes my actual RL future and general sanity, the others involve Daniel Cudmore, Bieksa, and an EFF YOU to the rude LAK fans from BD1 campout last year.

Basically, Nokia Live is directly next to the Staples Center, which means I'll be STARING at the LAK Stnaley Cup champions crap for FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS AND NIGHTS without being able to GO SEE A GAME.  That's just cruel, really.

What's even more cruel is that Nov 8th is the day that the Kings were scheduled to play the Canucks at home. The Canucks who I adore (except when they played Boston, who I adore more--family reasons). Now, I rooted for the Kings after they beat Vancouver in the playoffs because clearly they really wanted it, and good on them. BUT, as fun as it was to see their team being all grows up last season, I'd much rather see someone sexy like Bieksa on the ice than merely Dustin Brown.

And to see Vancouver play while Daniel Cudmore, who is a huge Canucks fan, sits next to me (with his girlfriend thing OR Tinsel Korey, whatever -- hat trick seats are easier to buy), that would be EPIC once in a lifetime awesomeness.

Oh man, do you guys remember when his hair was long like that?

But no, Gary and Donald, you have to be greedy multimillionaire assholes squabbling over scruples when the rest of us are sitting here in uncomfortable office chairs going, "UGH, I could've watched the Islanders play in the Barclays Center preseason game! The first hockey game ever played in Brooklyn. But no." and "UGH! No one needs to be furloughed if they'd just come to a stupid agreement. Wouldn't it be mature if they could stop acting like the US Congress and REACH ACROSS THE TABLE ALREADY?"

Your actions are screwing over everyone. Please STOP PISSING OFF the Twilight fandom.

Tinsel's happy because there was an NHL season that year!
Remember that? When people had souls...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Definitive Guide to Tent City: Part B!!!

PineyLonesome is BACK for Part B of her multiple part installment of a numbered and sub-numbered outlined list of a definitive guide to Tent City. LIKE IT UP, YO!

5. You are probably wondering how exactly you will replicate your current work-out routine at Tent City. It is important to stay in shape during this stressful event. Elevated cortisol levels will cause you to break out, store fat in your stomach area, and basically look like hell just in time for the premiere.

a. Regular Routine: Walking to and from bus stop.
Tent City Alternate Routine: Run the perimeter of Tent City. Alternatively, walk from your hotel room to your tent.

b. Regular Routine: Freezer ice tray squat(s) (plural if you sometimes have 2 drinks on weekends)
Tent City Alternate Routine: Anytime security gives you grief for drinking, squat down in front of him (or her) as if you were going to offer a blow job. Have a friend take a compromising photo and threaten to post it to this blog.

c. Regular Routine: Pretending your husband is <Insert name of Twi cast member or Twi director of second installment here> during sex.
Tent City Alternate Routine: Pretend the guy you met at Lucky Strike who looks sort of like Guri W. (if you don't look at him directly)  is <Insert name of Twi cast member or Twi director of second installment here> during sex.
Like this, but sexy.
6. You are probably wondering what to do for fun at Tent City since you aren't allowed to dump food or drink on fellow campers, consume jello shots, or shoot firearms. We recommend re-enacting Bob scenes from Twin Peaks. Simply dress up in creepy denim shirts and gray wigs and show up outside other people's tents in the middle of the night. Peer in with evil intent. When they scream, tell them to fire walk with you. Then turn into an owl and fly away, leaving only the scent of smoke and terror.

7. If you aren't familiar with Twin Peaks, you can play "find an image of Peter Lambert on Google that isn't that one image of him in Editing Masterclass." There is at least one other image out there. First one to find it wins. Last one has to actually watch his Editing Masterclass video the entire way through. 
Not this pic. This is the Editing Masterclass pic. Good luck.


I don't know who this is, but she's wearing an LTT shirt,
so I know she is freaking awesome.
They're NOT bears. They're marsupials.

Part C to follow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Definitive Guide to Tent City, Part A

Today's post comes from guest blogger NatteringYeahRobber aka PineyLonesome who is a founding member of the Ashram Esme fan camp. She offers the following sage advice in a tried and true numbered list format... just in case you thought order would be missing from BD2 Tent City (aka Shit Show 2012):

1. Tent City can be a scary strange place, so bring comforting decor which reminds you of home: framed 8X10 Krupert photos, dozens of boxes of green tea you purchased due to their health benefits but never drink because none are as good as coffee, half dead plants which are either under or overwatered, falling apart retaining walls, recycling your husband is too f'ing lazy to throw in the bin just right outside the door, and dirty kid socks.

2. Bring underwear to wear over your crotchless panties in Tent City. Though Summit does not say you cannot wear crotchless underwear, California state law states that crotchless underwear is not (yet) a protected right. Our state is a little prudish.*

3. Bring walkie talkies so you can look like you know something others don't. While others are chatting on cell phones about possible Michael Sheen sightings, you can look like you are down with Summit Security frequencies. You can impress others around you with code phrases like "Operation Garden Burger IN EFFECT" and by screaming "NOW NOW NOW - GO GO GO" then running off toward the exit.

4. There's always the possibility of an earthquake while you are in California. While you are here, do what the natives do and plan to buy earthquake supplies but then half ass it by putting 2 bottles of water, a napkin and a can of garbanzo beans in your car. Make sure you have an "I'm about to get hit by pane of large glass from the sky, so please post this weird fanfic I wrote online before I die" email message all ready typed out and queued up.

To be continued in the second installment... The Definitive Guide to Tent City: Part B.

*In the state of Oregon, public nudity is viewed by law as a recognized form of public protest.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Random Drawing!

Don't you wish we got to arm wrestle for a spot at the Fan Camp?  Because I've been working out super hard* to look sexy for this event, and I could put my newfound muscles to use!

SO MUCH WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*worked out as much as a I worked out for my wedding**

**which wasn't at all

BD2 Fan Camp Madness!

Get our shirt! It will be AS IF you went to Burning Man this August...

  • less like a desert
  • no drugs
  • no squeegee hand shower

But basically like Burning Man.

SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!