Friday, October 5, 2012

A Letter To Gary Bettman & Donald Fehr

Dear Gary Bettman & Donald Fehr, the NHL, and the NHLPA:

You can't hurt each other without hurting me!

(Ahem) Please end the lockout... NOW!  There are many reasons I would like this to happen, one includes my actual RL future and general sanity, the others involve Daniel Cudmore, Bieksa, and an EFF YOU to the rude LAK fans from BD1 campout last year.

Basically, Nokia Live is directly next to the Staples Center, which means I'll be STARING at the LAK Stnaley Cup champions crap for FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS AND NIGHTS without being able to GO SEE A GAME.  That's just cruel, really.

What's even more cruel is that Nov 8th is the day that the Kings were scheduled to play the Canucks at home. The Canucks who I adore (except when they played Boston, who I adore more--family reasons). Now, I rooted for the Kings after they beat Vancouver in the playoffs because clearly they really wanted it, and good on them. BUT, as fun as it was to see their team being all grows up last season, I'd much rather see someone sexy like Bieksa on the ice than merely Dustin Brown.

And to see Vancouver play while Daniel Cudmore, who is a huge Canucks fan, sits next to me (with his girlfriend thing OR Tinsel Korey, whatever -- hat trick seats are easier to buy), that would be EPIC once in a lifetime awesomeness.

Oh man, do you guys remember when his hair was long like that?

But no, Gary and Donald, you have to be greedy multimillionaire assholes squabbling over scruples when the rest of us are sitting here in uncomfortable office chairs going, "UGH, I could've watched the Islanders play in the Barclays Center preseason game! The first hockey game ever played in Brooklyn. But no." and "UGH! No one needs to be furloughed if they'd just come to a stupid agreement. Wouldn't it be mature if they could stop acting like the US Congress and REACH ACROSS THE TABLE ALREADY?"

Your actions are screwing over everyone. Please STOP PISSING OFF the Twilight fandom.

Tinsel's happy because there was an NHL season that year!
Remember that? When people had souls...


  1. What kind of mind-fuck is this blog?! People loving Twilight AND the NHL?!?! Je ne comprends pas. Is this some kind of Matrix where everything in my external environment is just an illusion created by my own brain?!

    The Islanders in Brooklyn? That would be frigging awesome. Go BRUINS!!

  2. I can't stand the 'nucks, but Bieksa is from the town where I went to Uni, so I have a soft spot for the mellonhead.

  3. I didn't realize Cudmore was so hot.

    1. Cuddlemore is very hot!!!

  4. It's going to be over by November. It has to be, I have to see a game. It's not that I'm going to LA just for the BD2 premiere. Duuuuuh.
    JellyBeanRainbow said....


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