Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Meet Shitshow2012

So.... I survived the hurricane (yay!) and my apartment did too (yay!) and my power grid and water source did too (yay yay!)  Which meant that I was all set to keep on working FT at my home office job that sometimes requires more than FT amounts of work...  and thus no time for this blog because I have to make all my deadlines happen before I fly to LA.

AS YOU KNOW, we got into Group Sex since we were on The Wait List Saga, Part I.  It's all very exciting. It's like... they have these check-in times, and you feel like, "What are cmaping out for, if it's so organized?"  BUT for Group Sex, our check-in time slot is basically 5 hours long. So it's GUARANTEED I will be waiting AT LEAST 5 hours in line for this premiere.  Which is, in a distant and uncomfortable way, rather exciting!!!

So, that's all I have time for now. I hope you enjoyed the Fan Fiction by Pineylonesome as much as I did.  Also, can I just say that I am not even feeling embarrassed when I pause and rewind my DVRed commercials if the Breaking Dawn preview comes on.  HECK YES!

Well chuffed for this, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This airport flooding was SO three days ago!!!!!! LET'S DO THIS!!!!


  1. I just realized that I'll have to pack this weekend. PACK! It's happening, TS. it is really happening. And this time I won't step on your feet (too much) when I see you!

  2. at the risk of so much spam I have to ask- what is Group Sex? Is that your check in group for tent city or....?

    1. We're in group 6 for check in, so it's a play on six.


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