Friday, November 23, 2012

"Bear with!" said Lynette, putting on an English accent and holding up her index finger to indicate we should wait.

So, perhaps you think everything in this trip was about Twilight and the premiere and muffins. It was not! Here I will briefly showcase the LA trip that I told all my coworkers I went on...

I told my boss about how we visited Venice beach and the canals...
Piney takes in the Pacific...
I left out that we went to Cafe Intelligentsia for personal reasons (cough, Chris Weitz) and that I bought a pair of mustard pants from Alternative Apparel for humour's sake (cough cough) (and they were 50% off and fit like a glove!)

I told my boss we ate at the infamous In 'n Out burgers and did the "silly Hollywood thing" at Grauman's Theatre. 

I left out that we went to the In 'n Out that Rob goes to (apparently) and then, with In 'n Out props in hand, we leg hitched each other Eclipse style at the Twilight handprints...
omg Kristen has the tiniest hands, ever. ALSO, StoneBumChum is wearing her Lobsterward shirt!!!
...and that me and StoneBumChum reenacted the Krupert...

Ok, so I'm a little short, and we're missing a railing
and LA Dodgers hat, but you get the point!

And of course I told my boss we went to the Getty Center, which houses some fabulous European works of art and has spectacular architecture and sweeping and unexpected views of LA and the ocean...

van Gogh's "Irises"
 I didn't tell her about... well, no, actually nothing too crazy occurred at the Getty :)

Ashram Esme FTW!!!! :D
And of course, I did mention to my boss that we perhaps drank a little too much... but we'll save that for another post ;)



  1. The Krupert reenactment is hot. I'll take TS over Rupert Sanders any day.

    1. We did discuss visiting "the railing" and doing a Krupert party line photo, it just didn't actually happen. Also Piney and my "shadow Krupert" brought creativity, but the photo didn't turn out too well.

    2. Damn LA and its fast-drying sidewalks!

  2. We all look super hot in that last photo. Well, because we ARE.

  3. Ah, that mustard pants. I had my dunce cap on when looking at pictures of the LTT meet & greet and the pants stood out in the photos, but I failed to make the connection. I should have known!



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