Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm looking forward to...

So, you know how something like a major election, a Super Storm (not from X-Men), or 3 weeks worth of work shoved into 1 week during which a major storm hits and you're not sure if you'll make it out okay gets you all distracted from the really obvious big thing that's coming up in a week?

That happened to me. Luckily I'd already loaded all that WeirdoG fanfic of Nat's.


Wednesday night, while attempting to get to sleep (totally in vain, btw), I let my mind wander to a place I'd not been since 2010... CHARLIE BEWLEY!  It was a weird sensation. He has pretty eyes and such, and he's a great flirt. I love a great flirt!  But he sort of got lost on my radar at some point... I think it was when his twitter feed became so excessively boring and running related that I unfollowed him. I won't apologize for that, not even now.  Regardless, I was thinking about how exciting it will be to FINALLY meet Guri Weinberg, and my mind's enactment of that event (which is yet to occur) led me to a full-on brain fantasy with Charlie Bewley.

It was fun. Flirty, relaxing. He signed my poster and I said a clever thing and it was all... normal. Fun. Then I quoted Doctor Who's "Blink" line: You're missing the BIG question. And Charlie said, "What's the BIG question?" the way Carey Mulligan does in the actual episode (I'd just watched "Blink" that night as my scary Halloween treat) and just as Michael Obiora responds, I said: Will you have a drink with me?  Of course, this is my brain and my fantasy, so clearly Charlie said yes. We got beers at a real brewery a friend of my friend owns and then he half-jokingly offered to fly me to Whistler for snowboarding. I declined. He kissed me. I put my wedding ring in my pocket.

This has always been my favorite photo of Bewley... and that silly Starbucks one in Vancouver (saved to my hard drive).

It was a good, simple, mostly clean fantasy.

But it left me thinking, "Oh my gosh! I completely forgot he was even IN these films and will actually BE at this event."  Like, I might MEET Charlie Bewley, who I was totally into 2 years ago, in like 5 days!  What kind of insanity is that?

Yeah, I'm pretty excited, guys.
Don't disappoint, Bewley! I want your ridiculous. SO MUCH.

ps-Michael Obiora is pretty hot, in case you were wondering.
And he has an ENTIRE segment of his website dedicated
to shirtless photos of himself. Which I find
endearing and hilariously off-putting all at once.

 ALSO, Charlie finally has an age listed on wikipedia. 31... hm.... Okay, Bewley. Okay.

See you people on Wednesday.

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