Monday, November 5, 2012

Keep Your Climate Change Off My Flight to LAX!

First it's the hurricane, then it's the Nor'easter.

This storm better stay the heck away from my airport. That's all I'm saying.  And then the weather is saying back to me, "As if you can outrun me! As if you can fight me off!"

In the words of Golum: GO AWAY!


  1. It was snowing a tiny bit during my morning commute. But you will be fiiiiiiiiine on Wednesday. Alice told me so.

  2. I had to overpack because the weather in LA this week will be (depending on the day) super hot, hot, warm, maybe rainy, cool, and cloudy. Basically, I had to pack for every godamned weather option other than snow/blizzard. And I had to pack extra jeans in the event someone (me) dumps food/drink all over them. Screw climate change for making a month that is supposed to be cool into a month that is basically ANYTHING FUCKING GOES. And screw this time change as well. Also, screw hangovers.

    1. (hugs) Happy Monday, doll. Just think, on Wednesday, all this fuckery will be done (or just beginning haha) Can't wait to see you again, smiley wolf.

    2. I think every personal care product I packed has the word "calming" on the label somewhere. So damn it, I'm going to be fucking calm, OK. Calm like a wolf (calm after they've ripped apart their prey and consumed raw meat, right?)

  3. lady of the meadowNovember 5, 2012 at 5:39 PM

    Don't bring too much. You want the option of mandatory shopping after someone spills on you #unaskedforpackingadvice


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